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The Vexigan is a Genetic Dojutsu that is a combination of the Rinnegan, the Sharingan, and the Byakugan. Currently only two people have the Vexigan, those two people being Vex and Cyberus. The most powerful Vexigan was the Shinseikinji Vexigan, which the only way to activate it is to combine the Forbidden Vexigan and the Sacred Vexigan, it has been replaced as the most powerful by the Primordial Vexigan. Vex has made it so that anyone who tries to create a Vexigan or anything similar to it will have their mind wiped and everything will vaporize down to the last atom in a 3 mile radius.


The Vexigan has a white pupil like the Byakugan, a purle-grey iris like the Rinnegan, 3 tomoe like the sharingan on the iris, and a ripple going through all three tomoe. When the users Mangekyo Vexigan or Eternal Mangekyo Vexigan is activated the tomoe and ripple dissapear and the design of their Mangekyo Vexigan or Eternal Mangekyo Vexigan appears.


Being the Vexigan is a combination of the Byakugan, the Sharingan, and the Rinnegan it can use the powers of each the user being able to activate and deactivate any of the abilities at anytime. However unlike the three dojutsu the Vexigans abilites doesn't just work on Ninjutsu but anything with magical properties. It is said when two people that have a strong bond come together and combine their powers they will awaken the Ultimate Vexigan. After studying the Ultimate and Ultimate Eternal Vexigan Vex and Cyberus have discovered the Sacred and Forbidden Vexigan, the Sacred and Forbidden Vexigan have all the powers of the previous Vexigan's with the added powers of being able to see what a thing or person's composition is made of, also it has the ability to copy practically anything including magic, physical moves, handwriting, etc. The downside to the Sacred and Forbidden Vexigan is that they drain alot of Magical Essence (Aura,Mana,Etc) from the user when activated.

Forbidden Vexigan

The Forbidden Vexigan

Vexigan Stages


Mangekyo Vexigan

Eternal Mangekyo Vexigan

Ultimate Vexigan

Eternal Ultimate Vexigan

Special Vexigans

Forbidden Vexigan- Formerly used by Vex

Sacred Vexigan- Formerly used by Cyberus

Shinseikinji Vexigan- Used by Cyberus. Formerly used by Vex

Primordial Vexigan- Used by Vex