Marshall Crywulph


Personal Information
Name[?] Marshall Crywulph
  • W.I.P
  • W.I.P
  • W.I.P
Age 22
Birthdate  ???
Gender Male
Height 7'5"
Blood Type A+
Race Werepyre
Affiliation W.I.P
Family Dean Crywulph
Occupation W.I.P
Equipment W.I.P




Werepyre is a race of Vampire/Lycan crossbreeds. This race is very rare but is possible, only a few exist, by having both vampire and lycan traits recessive in the DNA it allow the human to live, during the full moon before that human's 16th birthday both traits become dominant and start to destroy each other & the host however there is a rare chance that the host will release a set of hormones that will create a bridge between both traits and allow them to fuse, bringing the body temperature, during the night, to 1,000,000 degrees C however the heat stays inside the body and doesn't affect the outside, the host feels nothing until his/her first change after that they can change at will. After that night has passed the body temperature returns to normal. However the host has a chance to not survive and instead get burned to death from the inside out.



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