A Nine-Tailed Wolf in Feral form.

The Nine-Tails RaceEdit

The Nine-Tailed race take the form of any animal or sentient species they desire, often going for Feral formed animals such as the wolf or fox. Beings of infinite reality, their very atoms are made from instances in time, space and reality, bound in a Tacheon shell. With no DNA, RNA or genes to speak of, their blood is a mere memory of blood spilled, devoid of anything unique to the body. Because they do not exist in the usual sense, they live in the Void, the hollow space between universes, dimensions and time. this means they can access anywhere, any time or any place simply by wishing it, and due to their immense lifespan, they have devoted themselves to learning about primitive cultures by entering a host in a world, living the full life and taking the knowledge back one the host has expired. Anthro forms are less common but are used, Shade Shadowmane is one of the examples.


A Nine-Tailed Wolf in Anthro form.

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