Background InfoEdit

Name: Chidon
Type of Power: Energy Manipulation
Used By: Nine-Tails (Only)

Description of PowerEdit


Chidon manipulates ambient energy from around and within the user, creating a physical wavelength of the energy used to attack, defend, and as for other tasks such as light. Although powerful it relies utterly on the users ability to control, contain, and change the energy. Without proper control, Chidon can destroy the user, removing them at a sub cellular level. First time users often experience drowsiness, nausea, acute migraines, and some in a rare case have displayed mental relapse paired with physical deterioration. Many users develop a trigger such as clicking, clapping, or a word that helps them to focus when using Chidon and the effect is usually projected from the hands but as with their attack style, relies on the mentality and personality of said user.

Most often, the color of the attack is clear or light blue, the physical projection of the users aura. However the color can change with physical state as well as the mental and psychological state.

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