Kashou Kusari

Female ninja with basic suit by wasweswos

Personal Information
Name[?] Kashou Kusari
  • Shikai: Kusari (Chain)
  • Bankai: Kashou Kusari (Singing Chain)
Height 5'6"
Race Anima Gladium Spirit

This is the Anima Gladium of Yuki Snowmane, it holds extreme power that has been greatly increased by Yuki's training. It holds both a Shikai & Bankai.

Forms of Kashou KusariEdit


Her sealed form


Yuki Snowmane; carries Meditation unsealed. It resembles a gigantic kusari-gama, and allows the wielder to become incorporeal momentarily. He releases his Shikai with the shout "Shatter the Void, Kusari!"


Kashou Kusari's Shikai state


Her Bankai is called Kashou (Singing) Kusari! (Chain). Her Bankai allows her to create an exact replica of any Zanpakuto/Anima Gladium she blocks allowing her to use it's Shikai including their special powers, for example, if it copies Zangetsu she can use Getsuga Tenshou. The extra Zanpakutō/Anima Gladium appears in her left hand, she can also morph her own into one he blocked creating a deadly combo of Shikai, for example, Wabisuke & Senbonzakura.

True FormEdit

Kashou Kusari is a averaged sized Female Ninja, she is very loving towards anyone who treats her as more then a object, that is why Kashou Kusari & Yuki Snowmane get along well, Yuki sees Kashou Kusari as a person rather then a object.

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