Emily Karatas

Emily Karatas

Personal Information
Name[?] Emily Karatas
  • Em
  • Little E
  • The Robot Child
  • Project Aarion
Age 6
Gender Female
Height 1 Metre
Race Robot
Affiliation Humans
Family Professor Bonsai
  • Daughter
  • Child Soilder
  • Pokemon Trainer
Equipment Robotic Body, Chainsaw Wrists, Jetpack Back, Bullet Body, Laser Retina, Missile Shoulder Racks

"Wait? I'm a Robot? Pfft- Hahahaha! No i'm not! How come i can swim in Water but robots can't?!" Emily talking with Scarlett about her Origins.

Emily Karatas is a Robotic/Human Hybrid who is the Illegitimate Daughter of Professor Bonsai. While she is somewhat weak in Pokemon Battles, in Real Combat is where she shines as she was designed for Military use, she loves her 'Father' deeply after he helped her escape from the Oaerice Region, she currently resides with her 'Father' in the Fiore Region.

Appearance Edit

Emily has Radiant Pink Hair styled into two Ponytails which is on either side of her Hair, she often wears a White and Purple Sinamay Hat with a Black Ribbon, A Pink and White Full Body dress with a Floral Pattern, Small White Sneakers and Pink Socks. Her Eyes are Aqua Blue and she occasionally wears White Gloves with a large Straw woven Handbag on her shoulder.

Personality Edit

Happy and mostly caring, Emily does well when socializing with most people as she was also designed to Rehabilitate Soldiers, she likes to hug and kiss people on the cheek but cannot do both due to a major glitch in her system, she likes humanity as a group but silently hates a species of Pokemon: Dragons. She loves to swim and she sometimes uses her cute looks to get what she wants, if her 'Father' is threatened or someone is stirring up trouble (Eg: Teasing, threatening, Punching) She will get aggressive and use varying weapons until the Victim apologizes where she will return to normal unless otherwise.

Pokemon Edit

Emily's Pokemon Team
Name Species Item Moves Ability Nature Gender
Puff Eevee Silk Scarf


Baby-Doll Eyes


Last Resort

Adaptibility Brave Male
Ravi Sylveon Light Clay



Shadow Ball

Light Screen

Cute Charm Hasty Female
Ms. Wyvern Togekiss Fairy Gem

Aura Sphere

Air Slash

Dazzling Gleam


Super Luck Calm Female

Powers Edit

Iron Skin Edit

Her skin is made of a High Density Metal, as such, Bullets and Fire and most Corrosive Metal will do little to no affect on her, however this makes Magnets an Occassional Threat.

Solar Power Edit

Her Body is covered in Microscopic Solar Panels which power a Majority of her systems. They can be damaged through combat however.

Laser Vision Edit

Using Miniature super heated Lasers, she can melt through a Majority of items she cannot Melt Mirrors.

Jetpack Back Edit

Using miniature Thrusters on her Back and Feet, she can use these to Fly and push heavy items. She relies on Fuel and Electricity to fly.

Chainsaw Arms Edit

If need be, she can extend Dual 3 Metre long Chainsaw Blades from her Arms, the Blades run on Electricity.

Bullet Spawn Edit

Panels fall from her chest, Forearms and waist to fire the Equivalent of 2 Miniguns worth of Bullets.

Shoulder Rockets Edit

Racks rising from her Shoulders, she fires off 6 Heat Seeking Missiles, the Rockets can be converted to Grenades if a switch is flicked before firing.

Trivia Edit

  • Heavily Inspired by Alisa Bosconovitch from the Tekken Series
  • Was to use a Giant Cannon or Hammer as Weapon but dismissed the idea to avoid seeming to Anime styled.