Cortland Anarius

Cortland Anarius

Personal Information
Name[?] Cortland Anarius
  • Ace Trainer
  • Fool
  • The Vampire of the Sands
Age 25
Birthdate  ???
Gender Male
Height 7'0"
Blood Type A+
Race Vampire
Occupation Pokémon Trainer

"That shit doesn't work on me" - Cortland to anyone who tries to use a Cross, Sunlight or a Stake through the heart, even silver.

"You thought that would work? Pathetic" - Cortland after he has finished regenerating from being hurt.

Cortland Anarius is a Vampire who took up Pokémon training when he was 10, when he reached the age of 16 he was turned into Vampire by one who hid in a cave in the Unova Region. Cortland came from the Reigion known as 'The Region Hidden in the Sand', it is filled with Pokémon and centres on Steel Types.



Desert 1

Cortland was born in the Desert town of 'Kindan no Suna', he is the son of the Steel Gym leader from 'The Region Hidden in the Sand'. He lived there for the first 10 years of his life, he left when he was 10 to go on his Pokémon adventure, traveling across The Region Hidden in the Sand, he beat the league and became the champion, he started traveling to other Regions, Hoenn, Kanto, Sinnoh, Kalos then Unova. During his adventure in the Unova region it started raining heavily, so he took refuge in a cave, unfortunately for him there was a Vampire living in that cave, it attacked and turned him, making him a Vampire too.

After he was turned he started drinking blood but about a year later he realized what he was doing and 'gave up' drinking any and all blood. When he was 23 he decided to create a team for each Pokémon type, that became his new adventure, to make perfect or near perfect teams. By the time he turned 25 he had nearly competed all of them, his plan was the return to his Father with all of the teams and face him again then show his own father the teams, then maybe he'd finally be proud of his son.



Cortland gains a few powers from becoming a Vampire, these are; increased strength, speed and awareness. He also gains the power the regenerate at a very fast rate and his reaction time in shortened. He doesn't age and his skin color remains the same, he gains fangs and is able to defy gravity, meaning he can walk up walls and stand on ceilings.

The only ways to kill Cortland and/or weaken him are beheading Cortland then destroying the Heart before he has a chance to regenerate and by him having direct contact with a Religious Place.

In terms of 'giving up' Blood, he keeps a set of three flasks that are filled once emptied, each flask, although small is able to sustain him for approximately two weeks per flask.


Normal TeamEdit

Name Species Item Moves Ability Gender Nature
Bos Miltank Heal Bell


Milk Drink

Body Slam


Thick Fat Female Relaxed
Crinitus Eevee Eviolite

Shadow Ball

Echoed Voice

Hidden Power


Adaptability Female Rash
Nutrix Lopunny (Mega Stone)

Dizzy Punch


Power-Up Punch

Dynamic Punch

Limber Female Adamant
Cantate Wigglytuff Leftovers

Mega Punch

Moon Blast

Body Slam

Double Edge

Frisk Female Adamant
Aquila Braviary Sky Plate

Ancient Power

Air Slash



Keen Eye Male Lax
Stertere Snorlax Leftovers

Body Slam



Brick Break

Thick Fat Male Lax

Fire TeamEdit

Name Species Item Moves Ability Gender Nature
Charizard Charizardite X Tough Claws Female
Chandelure Female
Magmortar Male
Volcarona Expert Belt

Fiery Dance

Signal Beam

Quiver Dance

Wild Charge

Flame Body Female Timid
Camerupt Focus Band




Solar Beam

Solid Rock Female Gentle
Talonflame Razor Fang

Flare Blitz


Brave Bird


Gale Wings Female Adamant
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