"You Fool, you still believe you can save this pretty world... Ha! You Dummkoft! This world was doomed from the start!" Barastein commenting about the World's Condition whilst choking Taur

Barastein Ultavitz is a Shadow Human and the Most Senior Officer in the Team Sky Hierachy aside from the Team Sky Leader. He is the Sixth and Strongest of Team Sky's 'Wings of Terror' (AKA Admins). He barely relies on Guns, instead using his Katanna, Shadow Instincts, Increased Strength and Speed to fight. He is known as the New Leader of Team Sky and is a highly Dangerous opponent.

Appearance Edit

Human Appearance Edit

Having Pale Green and White Hair, Thin Eyebrows, White Eyes and a slim Figure, Barastein is mostly Skinny, however, his Shadow Body provides him the power to fight. His clothing normally consists of a Ztheryl Chestplate with the Team Sky Insignia, Nanomachines covering his Ribs, Legs, Back, Arms and Neck which harden on impact, A large Black cape with a Black Hood and Dark Green interior. His legs are covered by Ztheryl Boots and his Hands and Wrists are covered with Ztheryl Gloves and after the Events of Serving a Demon + A New Region he wears Half of the Leader's Original Mask. He also dons a Belt consisting of Ztheryl and his Pokemon

Shadow Centipede Appearance Edit

Losing all recogniseable features except for his Eyes, Barastein's skin turns Midnight Black and starts generating a constant Green or Red Aura off his body, now having the modified Body of a Venipede, his head has 5 horns which look a crown if seen at the front, his legs are stronger and he has more of them, He has 6 Fangs for his 2 mouths and his skin is replaced with the Black Diamond Piercers (See Powers).

Personality Edit

Heartless and having no Soul, Barastein only operates with Team Sky Personnel and refuses to cooperate with anyone else. Barastein will only take on Opponents who have Killed or Injured Team Sky Personnel and anyone he deems to be Strong enough. He often kills Strangers unless he recruits them to Team Sky often relentlessly. He has no Lust.

Pokemon Edit

Barastein's Team
Name Species Item Moves Ability Nature Gender
Mörder Skarmory* Quick Claw

Steel Wing


Rock Slide


Weak Armour Hasty Male
Drachen Noivern Wise Lens

Dragon Pulse



Focus Blast

Infiltrator Modest Male
Lodern Talonflame Power Herb

Brave Bird

Flare Blitz

Steel Wing


Gale Wings Naive Male
Scorpio Gliscor Toxic Orb


Thunder Fang

Swords Dance

Aerial Ace

Poison Heal Lonely Female
Schrecken Dragonite* Expert Belt



Steel Wing


Multiscale Naughty Female
Feindselig Aerodactyl Aerodactylite

Stone Edge

Aerial Ace


Thunder Fang

Unnerve (Tough Claws) Brave Male
  • = Shiny

Trivia Edit

  • Barastein was not Created by Taur but was used with Permission with Vasty egael