Akuma Tebukuro

Black Knight Concept

Personal Information
Name[?] Akuma Tebukuro
  • Shikai: Akuma Tebukuro (Devil gloves)
  • Bankai: Unmei no Akuma Tebukuro (Devil gloves of destiny)
Height 14'0"
Race Anima Gladium Spirit

This is the Anima Gladium of Shade Shadowmane, it holds extreme power that has been greatly increased by Shade's intense training. It holds both a Shikai & Bankai.

Forms of Akuma TebukuroEdit


His sealed form


Shade's Shikai is called Akuma Tebukuro, he releases it with the command, "Bring Gods to their knees! Akuma Tebukuro". The Blade changes from a normal Katana, it's blade turns pure black, the handle stays pure white and a Black Arm-Guard forms around his right forearm, serving as protection.

The added power allows him to increase his Speed & the abilities of some of his techniques. His Kidō , Path of Exile & Chidon powers are increased while using his Shikai.

Dragon engraved katana sword black blade 540

Akuma Tebukuro's Shikai release.


Shade's Bankai is called Unmei no Akuma Tebukuro, once released it removes his blade and Arm-Guard but replaces them with two gauntlet, one on each arm, pure black. The gauntlets reach all the way up to the elbows, the ends of the fingers are far from blunt, but are sharp, sharper then his Blade.

His Bankai increases his speed and strength by great amounts, overpowering him with sheer power, it also increases the power of his Chidon , but no other techniques.

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Akuma Tebukuro's Bankai release, Unmei no Akuma Tebukuro.

True FormEdit

Akuma Tebukuro is a giant demon, at 14'0" tall, his power is great almost unstoppable. He's typically quiet and gentle, except when talking to his master, Shade, then he talks about anything that comes to mind, clearing his conscious.